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New Release!September 29, 2015.

The Night of The Mosquito:

August 10, 2014, England. 

An apocalyptic event strikes without warning, wiping out power and communications throughout the country. Against this backdrop, Wolfe, a six-foot-ten-inch tall psychiatric patient with links to Jack the Ripper, escapes custody. Leaving a trail of murder and chaos in his wake, he heads into the hills. 

Meanwhile, in the village of Churchend, retired hypnotherapist Michael Anderson suffers an extreme reaction to a mosquito bite. The resulting delirium and soul searching convince him his life is about to change – then he hears the bells at the disused church of St. Michael's ring out for the first time in years . . . 

A gripping thriller filled with action, suspense and moving drama, the story also conveys a powerful message. 

‘You’ll root for the heroes in this roller-coaster ride of a thriller!’


Coming in December 2015:

Don't turn on the Light.

This novel began life as a short story.

'You can't leave it there, Max!' people said. So he didn't. Progress is good, and release date is expected to be met.

July 30, 2015.

Max is curently working on three new novels, two of which he hopes to release this year.




Listed as one of the Top 50 Best Crime Writers to Watch in 2014.

Max received the following email informing him he'd been listed as one of the Top 50 Crime Writers To Watch in 2014.  
We're very proud to list you among the Top 50 Best Crime Writers - could easily place you among the successors to the "great crime fiction heavyweights." Thanks for the amazing work, Max China. 
Scroll down the list, (click here), and Max, and his debut novel, The Sister are somewhere around halfway down.


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In 1967, two children witness a murder. Forty years later, DCI John Kennedy reopens the only case he never solved. Through breathtaking twists and turns, uncovering a diabolical criminal who has remained in the shadows for decades, the crime will only be solved when Kennedy finds the grown witness’s seemingly unrelated victim. A riveting novel by a master storyteller, China balances a cast of characters and crimes that all tie together neatly into a satisfying finish.

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